Description and History of Transceivers


Let’s put it in simple words, transceivers has been user-friendly since early 60’s but was large, bulky, complex bits of hardware. it is located in many products in one way or another nowadays. the biggest example of that is Computer which you are using to read this content right no is a transceiver which works through an ethernet adapter and is frequently used. When an individual use such systems he needs to hook two different systems up previously and each side has to used the cable to communicate and create transmission energy which was the ineffective and problematic method. The cost was higher since multiple components had to be installed on a complex card which would make it work.

In the era of computers, several simple chips have been integrated into the motherboard so new devices do not have to be installed. The home network is the best example that you notice once you connect your hotspot. These days wireless transmission is done digitally and correcting all the misinformation by itself. Data centers are the hub of the internet  these days and we would have been still in middle ages if transceivers were not invented.

In the era of technology, professionals who are dependent n network are always craving for more network speed for his/her equipment. These days you will find many high-speed switches which have the capability to provide GBIC (Gigabit interface Connection) slots that can give support to a variety of glc-sx-mm transceivers GBIC (Gigabit Interface Connection) slots that can handle any of a variety of glc-sx-mm transceivers. This kind of transceivers provides a gigabit fiber optic connection that will give extraordinary transmission rate between your equipment and hardware.

Cisco is one of the world renowned companies who manufactures the Small Form-Factor Pluggable(SFP) and made it a current industry standard. The transceiver glc-sx-mm is a hot-swappable device that comes into play once it is plugged into a Gigabit Ethernet port or slot linking it with a network. SFP can be utilized and interchanged on a wide variety of products and can be installed on a port-by-port basis.


Cisco always advises its customers on an important note that when you are shopping for GBIC by CISCO, make sure they are fully compatible with your equipment. It would be wise to find either Cisco compatible GLC module when connecting or using it with Cisco equipment.

The reason is that when a glc-sx-mm transceiver is plugged into an SFP slot, the machine auto-detects the device and the hardware which is compatible will work on a higher performance or immediately when the media is connected. This gives them the upper hand in today’s world since this module is offering hot swappable module.

Let’s see the operation specifications of the glc-sx-mm. The transceivers which are compatible and fully operational with GLC SX MM have 50m multimode fiber which links up to 550m and on 62.5m FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) and can extend grade multimode fiber up to 220m. An interesting fact is that the fiber cable is so efficient that it can support 50m multimode up to 1 km.

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